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Tooling & Die Capabilities

Tooling capabilities We specialize in the design, manufacture, modification and maintenance of several mold types, including single, progressive, transfer and composite molds. Through our mold production capabilities, we have manufactured many high quality mold parts including inspection, welding, gauges, assembly and automated fixtures. Every precise metal stamping process starts with the right shape and mold design. At NAGUALMETAL, we use advanced 3D CAD software (including AutoCAD) to design and simulate tool design concepts for pre-production customer evaluation. Our 3D concept is also used to review compliance with technical standards and specifications, verify the constructability and practical use of tooling solutions, and develop early prototypes. In addition, we can use any file format to process your existing design to modify or maintain your tool and mold products.   NAGUALMETAL tools and mold design have been used to produce myriad parts in various fields including automo

sheet metal processing in china

In sheet metal processing, metal structures are made by cutting, bending and assembling. This is a value-added process in which machines, parts and structures are made from different raw materials. Usually, the manufacturing plant will provide orders based on the technical drawings, and the products will be manufactured after the order is placed. Large manufacturing companies use various value-added processes in factories or facilities, including welding, cutting, forming, and machining. These large manufacturing companies have added value to customers by restricting the purchasing staff to look for multiple suppliers who provide different services. Metal processing usually starts with manufacturing drawings, including accurate measurements, then enters the manufacturing stage and finally installs the final project. Typical projects include loose parts, structural frames for buildings and heavy equipment, and stairs and railings for buildings. Sheet metal processing usually includes t

CNC Lathe & Sheet Metal; what are they & how they work?

CNC and sheet metal have become a major part of the manufacturing industry, operations of such machines are striving to improve and carry significant weight in this field. CNC Lathe in China Computer numerical control has been fused into a variety of new innovations and hardware. One such machine of this sort is used for a wide array of the production process is known as a CNC lathe. Because of technological advancement, CNC lathes are rapidly supplanting a portion of the more established and more customarily use production machines, for example, the multi-spindle machine. CNC lathe in China accompanies various advantages. They can be effectively set up and worked. They offer colossal repeatability, alongside accuracy in production. It is ordinarily designed to use present-day versions of carbide tooling and forms. A section can be designed for customization, and the machine's tool paths are regularly modified and programmed using the CAD or CAM forms. In any case, a dev